Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Lilongwe!

 Finally there! 27 hours of travel!
 Getting off of the plane for good.
 In Lilongwe.
 We are freaking here! Takulandirani!

 Arrived in Lilongwe
 Taxi drivers
 Congo airways
 Really almost there
 Lilongwe land

 Getting off the plane in Lilongwe
 Quick stop in Libumbashi, Congo
 Greeting us to Ethiopian Airlines
 Welcome from Ethiopian Airlines
 Duty Free Cart
 The awesome Duty Free cart on the flight to Addis Ababa

 Welcome to Africa
 Aviation school in Lilongwe
 Airport in Lilongwe, Malawi
 UNC Project Malaria vaccine unit
 Dennis picking us up from the airport in Lilongwe, Malawi
 Made it to Ethiopia!
 Waiting in Dulles for the flight to Addis Ababa
 On the flight to Addis Ababa

 So, we arrived quite safely in Malawi after 27 hours of travel.  On the ride from Dulles to Addis Ababa, around 7 hours out, a woman in the next row over from me fainted and I ended up, with the help of the great flight crew, taking her up to the front of the plane and checking her out.  Her pulse was slightly low and I think she was dehydrated from not drinking water and drinking a mini bottle of wine.  With some rest, fluids, and a sugary snack she was OK, albeit embarrassed.  She was very sweet and grateful for the help.  I did not sleep one hour on the flight to Addis.  However, I made up for that by sleeping (with drool) the entire time from Addis (with a layover in Libumbashi, Congo) to Lilongwe.  Cheers.

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