Saturday, June 9, 2012

Drinks at Harry's Bar, Dr. Shores Arrives, Bwaila Market

 Drinks at Harry's bar, where the ex-pats go to congregate
The only people dancing in the bar.

 Jen and Suzann, UNC Nursing students working in Malawi at the Malaria Vaccine Unit and KCH Maternity wards
 Amblessed and Urooj
 Urooj showing off her chitenje
 Chitenje at the Bwaila market
 Carrying past the market
 Street venders outside of Bwaila
 More vendors
 Selling fruit in Bwaila
 Everywhere you go, people are walking on both sides of the road.
 Walking past a seller of industrial equipment
 Crown Hotel
 Chick O' Rellos Fried Chicken
 Sounds like a good idea.
 Zsa Zsa, enjoying life at the Cohen house.
 1/2 Dane 1/2 Rhodesian Ridgeback
 Sweet girl

 Different market along the way to ShopRite

Last night we ventured over to Harry's bar, where we had a relaxing time.  Will and Amblessed led the bar in dancing.  We stayed for a while, but made sure to come home before we all turned into pumpkins, since Alex, Will and Amblessed were taking a 7AM bus to Blantyre to watch the Malawi-Nigeria World Cup qualifier game (Amblessed cheering on Nigeria and Alex and Will cheering on Malawi). 

Today, Dr. Shores came over and picked up me and Urooj from  the guest house and took us on a Bwaila market trip and running errands around Lilongwe.  Bwaila market is a giant market with tiny alleyways and booths selling everything from produce to paint thinner sold in re-used liquor bottles.  We ventured over to the corner of the market where they say colorful fabrics to use as Chitenje cloths (worn by Malawian women as skirts). 

After that, we trekked over to the Cohen/Surgery house where we made a salad for lunch.  Dr. Shores showed us her pictures from her trip to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which were beautiful.  Now I'm at the guesthouse relaxing.  Luckily, I haven't had jet lag too bag this trip.  Is it time for the hammock?

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