Friday, June 1, 2012

5 days to GO!

It's really setting in that I have 4 full days left in the states to cram as many things that I love about America/Durham before I leave.  I satisfied some of those desires by eating at Foster's with Joey's mom for breakfast this morning, and this weekend we will likely conquer Durham's Beaver Queen Festival, eat Indian brunch buffet at Sitar, and go to the Triangle Restaurant Week's pre-party and enjoy the rest of our time together before I leave.  That's not too much for one weekend, right ;)?

Today, I went to Joey's school with our pups as a bit of a reward for his class.  It made me miss teaching, not so much the day-to-day but knowing that you are really doing something for someone else.  I cannot wait to feel that again (!), and I know it will come, hopefully on this trip and definitely 3rd year. 

Still trying to decide what to cram into my giant suitcase...I wonder if that 50 lb weight limit still applies?

On one last exciting note, my friend Alex has organized a safari trip for a group of UNC Medical and Nursing students during my last week in Malawi, which I will absolutely post photos of.  I can't wait to tell Nala (yellow dog) what the rest of her pride is up to.

Next post will either be a picture of my overflowing suitcase or it will be from Lilongwe!

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