Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture Update

Inside the compound at the Cohen/Surgery House

Rope/Tire swing for kiddos staying at the Surgery house

 My room at the Cohen house.  Love the nets that hand over the 4 post bed.
 The best type of mosquito net.
 Delicious peanut butter cookies from  Made using Malawian peanut butter and a chopped candy bar for chocolate chips.
 Beautiful Malawi sky en route to the guest house.
 Yummy cinnamon yeast rolls from the guesthouse gourmet chef, Rajeev.
 The humble Iron Chef himself.
 Love the way Willard wears his slippers.
 Group brunch
 DJ Will on the stove, cooking up some scrambled eggs for breakfast.
 Spiced apples and HOME. MADE. tortillas from Will.
 Amazing African hot sauce and brunch wine.
Amblessed and Will, brothers from another mother.

 Love the Chichewa version of "ENJOY" aka "N'JOY"
 Our group at dinner for Brian's going away party.
 Will and Brian, the guest of honor.  Brian spent almost a year in Malawi doing psychiatry, HIV, and TB research.
New roommate, Zaza. 
 Haphazard pumpkin pie Allie style (no real recipe)-will it work?
 It works!!!
Radishes, chard, and rape growing in the garden at the Surgery house.

Thanks to Alex Werner for the pictures below...
 Saturday we went to Bwaila market, here we are by the beans.
 Selling tomatoes and cabbage at Bwaila market...

Dr. Charles gets here tomorrow- he's our second preceptor and he is a trauma surgeon at UNC.  I'm really looking forward to working with him (but we miss you Dr. Shores).  We're going to round in the morning with a pediatric oncologist tomorrow in the Burkitt's ward. Ready for week 2!


  1. I miss you Allie so I decided to try the cookie recipe so I could feel like I was participating in some quality procrastibaking. The cookies turned out well. I used butterscotch chips and peanut butter chips instead of a candy bar though. And chunky peanut butter.

  2. Hi! I'm a Doris Duke fellow coming down in just a few weeks (we'll be at the guesthouse), and the other fellow and I were talking about gardening. Do you know whether the seeds for that garden at Cohen house were local or brought in from outside? Anyway, if you're still there in August I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for posting pictures! It's nice to see where I'll be for the next year.

  3. Rula! Sorry it took me so long to reply- i think that some of the former unc surgery residents brought the seeds with them, but it would definitely be possible to get seeds is Malawi as well. There is actually a little garden behind the guest house right now growing tomatoes, basil and some greens. Good luck gearing up for your trip and don't hesitate to email me if you have a question that you think that I would know the answer to!