Monday, July 2, 2012

Zambian Safari Weekend

Francis, our driver, welcoming us to Kiboko Safaris and getting ready to drive us from Lilongwe, Malawi into the bush in Zambia!
Our packet, with a letter inside, AKA "If you get eaten by a lion, we are not responsible..."
Jen reading her letter carefully...
Suz summarizing.
On our way out of Lilongwe
A group of about 20 women fetching water maybe?

We passed through a town where Joyce Banda, the new president was stopping by any minute.  There were people lining the streets, singing and dancing and wearing chitenje with her picture!
Beautiful rolling hills in Northern Malawi
Hills with a carried bucket...Think I shot a little too high on this picture...
The sky feels giant here.
Stopping off and lunching at Mama Rula's campground, eating double-decker mayo, tomato and onion sandwiches.
Suz chowing down
Jen debating whether she should eat mayo...
Our road trip vehicle!

Thatched roof homes on the way in Zambia
We made it! This is part of our safari camp!
Jen's market buy: Riy-Don sunglasses.  Very classy and the only souvenir which Joey requested.

Boabab tree...beautiful!

Yum! Hippos...

Water Buffalo



Some cute babies and mamas...

Little guys playing peek-a-boo


12 ft high termite hill!

The babies!

Awkwardly running giraffe.
"Sausage tree", with the strangest looking seed pods...

Found some water buffalo skulls...

Our guide, Moses.
The group with Moses.

Check out the color of this bird!

Little birdy hitching a ride...

Awkwardly grabbing a drink...
Hippos in the river.
Our very fine camping accommodations...

Alex lounging...
Pretty riverside pool at the camp site.

See you monkey!

Monkey by the pool.

Monkey with blue 'manhood'.
'Monkeying around' at the gym.

Suz and Jen.  Nursing school buddies, or in Malawian speak, "Sistas."

Gondwe, the night guide.

Jen trying to get into Glamour by taking her Glamour somewhere amazing.

Crocs and Hippos in the lagoon.

Very dumb guinea fowl.
And they all follow eachother...

Another try with a background elephant.

Awesome Zambian sunset...

Gondwe and I eating tasty popcorn.  Seriously the best thing we ate all trip.

George, the spotter for the night drives.
Being cold, having to pee, and being out in the wilderness makes people do strange things...

Morning sunrise.
I found a milipede and brought him back to show everyone!

The rest of these were taken on the way back from Zambia to Malawi...

Banana trees
Carrying cotton, a major crop in Zambia.
Washing up in the stream.
Runaway cattle from the herd! Running by our car.
The road in Zambia is being rebuilt, so we were driving on dirt roads.


Flat tire on the Ox cart.
Bike packed with tomatoes.
Found a praying mantis during lunch!

Back in Malawi, passing through the town of Mchinji.

Gas cans on a bike.

Love this motto. "Enter to learn. Leave to serve."  Could be the new UNC School of Med Motto.
Somebody's not wearing their seatbelt...

That was a truly amazing trip.  Great friends, beautiful scenery, and wild animals.  It was incredible.  We were sad Amblessed couldn't join due to visa issues (he holds a Nigerian passport and some country relations prevented him from gaining a Zambian visa quickly).

I would love to bring some friends and family back and do it again.

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