Monday, July 2, 2012

Time Spent at Bwaila Hospital with the Freedom from Fistula Foudation

Mosque in Bwaila, close to the market.
Selling wares outside of the mosque...
Lilongwe hustle and bustle past the mosque...
Truck overflowing with foam pads and mattresses, driving towards Coffin Rd. where coffins and furniture are made...
Momma leaving from Bwalia Maternity Hospital...
I'm sure this sentence went something like, "Let's go save some lives."
Many ladies and gentlemen waiting to be seen...
Fancy Maternity Unit Building
Martin Preuss Center, the HIV clinic at Bwaila
Dr. Charles and Amblessed
Dr. Charles greeting Dr. Jeff Wilkinson, the doc in charge of the Freedom from Fistula Foundation at Bwaila hospital...
Amblessed with Alex who came to hang out with us in the OR for the day.  Looking terribly serious...

Nsima, made from finely ground corn flour, is a type of porridge/ grit cake that is eaten as a staple with every meal.  Here we are about to have it during lunch at Bwaila.
Bikes in Malawi are used to transport all types of heavy cargo.  Here we see a guy with a bike literally FULL of sugar cane.
Asking a friend for help?
Spires in front of the Mosque.

Dr. Charles grabbing some tasty stew for lunch at Bwaila...
Love this ad for safer sex...The guy is a creeper.
Alex, Dr. Charles, Me
Leaving Bwaila, beautiful Malawian sunset.

Young man riding on a bike taxi...
Carlsberg, with the great slogan, "Probably the best beer in the world."

Gates for houses from the welding shop on Coffin Rd.
Coffin shop on Coffin Rd.
Probably maize flour for making nsima.
The team.

We were very happy to be invited to join Dr. Jeff Wilkinson over in Bwaila for a couple of days.  What he is doing is really amazing- fixing obstetric fistulas that leave women incontinent and ostracized by their husbands and communities.  These women come to Bwaila for an operation, but they stay for 4 months, making friends with similar situations, finding solace, learning, and I have even heard that there are programs for these women to receive micro-loans to start businesses.  Very powerful stuff!  Thanks to Dr. Jeff for the experience!

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