Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lake Malawi for the Weekend, in Photos

Lincoln enjoying the lake...

so I'm not the only 'wandering jew' in Malawi... (that's the common name of this plant)

Men fishing for chambo, the local common fish (it's actually what we call tilapia in the states)

Reading by the pool

Our group- Jenny, Lincoln, me, Dr. Charles, Jared, Laura

Love the signage in Malawi

beautiful open country

Jenny, me

We spent the past weekend at a beautiful lake house.  We relaxed, read books on the beach, swam in the very cold pool, and cooked some great meals.  Lake Malawi is one of the largest lakes in the world (9th largest) and runs along the eastern side of the country.  Across the lake from Malawi is Mozambique- you can see Mozambique in the distance in the last photo of Lincoln. 

The natural beauty is overwhelming here.  And I know how fortunate I am to be able to experience Malawi in this luxurious way.  I'm well-rested, relaxed, well-fed and I'm ready to start this week.  More clinical info later and some pictures of morning report, the Malawian residents, and the hospital to come...


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